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Weighted Vest Session : Richmond London
Marathon Strength Training : Per Ardua Personal Training

Per Ardua Personal Training was set up by highly experienced and respected Advanced Personal Trainer and Sports Injuries therapist, Matthew J Copp.
Per Ardua, derives from the Latin phrase "to overcome adversity". Something we at Per Ardua Personal Training truly believe in after many years of training all levels of individuals who at times have had to overcome many obstacles in the their lives while striving for success.
We at Per Ardua Personal Training  combine positive attitude, motivation and enthusiasm with experience, the latest advancements in training methods and sports science, for all level of serious athletes to deliver first class results.
Per Ardua Personal Training deliver our clients the exact goals they want, offering a full range of training flexibility, happy to train in gyms, homes or outdoors. Local to South West London and Surrey, covering all areas in Richmond, Clapham, Woking and Guildford.
Personal Training and Marathon Training
If you are looking for initial motivation; maximising your fitness and making life changing achievements then consider Personal Training with Per Ardua's unique Personal Training Team, Matthew J Copp, Ian Copp and Chris Harger. Providing amazing results for hundreds of Londoners for over 11 years now, Matthew, Ian and Chris are very flexible and are happy to train their clients anywhere, be it in gyms; homes or outside, covering all areas in South West London, Woking, Guildford and most parts of Surrey.
For athletes of any standard, Per Ardua's running specialist, Matthew, is the perfect performance coach you have been looking for. Vastly experienced, his expertise has helped over 200 athletes to successfully complete all running achievements from ultra marathons, marathons/half marathons to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Marathon training, hill reps, fartlek training, speed training, resistance training, interval training
Per Ardua have developed the perfect Marathon Training key system for all level of athletes from beginners to advanced, boasting a 100% successful  marathon record, the majority attaining sub 4 hours and a hugely respectable percentage attaining sub 3:30 hours.
Per Ardua will design your own personal, non-generic personal running programme to suit your every running need whatever the distance. If you have a place in any running event, don't hesitate to contact Per Ardua.

Chiropractor treatment
If injuries are a concern, you can  consider the  services of our expert Sports Injuries Therapy team led by Surrey County Crickets  Matthew, Head Physiotherapist Alex Tysoe and Chiropractor Ruth Elphick.
Boasting a proven track record in the rehabilitation of many athletes injuries both professional and everyday people, they have both worked with numerous competitive sports teams in this capacity and together form the integral part of the sports injuries team at Surrey County Cricket Club. They also offer an exclusive mobile physiotherapy service allowing you the comfort of being treated in your own home with all the latest treatments and technology such as ultrasound and acupuncture.
Per Ardua's Chiropractor, Ruth has been working in private clinics throughout the area of South West London and Surrey. She has built up a very good reputation within the communities of these clinics, thanks to her success in the treatment of a wide spectrum of patients from children and pregnant ladies, to athletes and the elderly. 

Sports nutrition and weight loss
Attaining those perfect results doesn't just depend on the level of training you attain but more crucially attaining the perfect balance between exercise, lifestyle and nutrition. Stay on top of those 3 vital components by using the expert advice on nutritional advancements in Sports Nutrition by Per Ardua.
Receive regular body composition analysis, weekly testing and the most advanced sports nutrition advice and support you need to maximise your performance and feel good about yourself.
Take the time to fully read this site, research the Testimonials to see for yourself the quite amazing achievements that normal people have experienced. Contact Per Ardua for a no obligation consultation about unlocking your true potential and achieving sustainable, life changing results with 100% satisfaction.

Marathon training.
"Please forgive me if I take a moment to publicly sing the praises of our dear coach Matthew,  Ive just completed Marathon des Sables, this is a 155mile foot race across the Sahara desert. In order to get me through this challenge I enlisted the coaching services of the highly respected coach Matthew after hearing about his work from colleagues he had previously worked with. To say that I wouldn't have got through this challenge without Matthew is understatement of the century.  Thanks to Matt's expertise he adapted my training after an achilles injury and kept my training and belief going. I felt strong throughout and managed to do pretty well. I know this was because of everything I had worked on with Matthew.  So basically, sign up with him asap and listen to everything he tells you. You will certainly improve ten fold as  result. Thanks for all your help coach"
Leo Avery, Ultra Athlete (aka Gooner), July, 2010

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